In parallel with his work as a researcher, educator, and speaker, Pedro provides support to individuals, organizations, and family businesses in various aspects of their development.

Board Setup

(Junta Directiva, Consejo de Administración, Board, etc.)

Implementing a proprietary methodology for designing (or redesigning) and operationalizing an effective Board of Directors. Determining key tasks, critical processes, and suitable structure. Evaluation of candidates and induction of new Directors.

Support for Family Councils and Family Ownership Governance

(Ownership Council, Mesa de Dueños, etc.).

Launching and supporting the governance of the family dimension and ownership governance of enterprising families. Participation in special committees related to aspects governing family involvement in the business. Conceptual development of various types of shareholder agreements. Coordination with legal advisors selected by the family.

Board Evaluation

Assessing the functioning of the Board, including its scope, processes, and structure. Proposing improvement and development plans.

Family Agreements

Supporting the family business in the design, development, and implementation of relevant and timely agreements. Facilitating communication and assisting in managing family business conflicts.

Board Advisor/Independent Director

Participation in Board meetings. In addition to the role of Director or Board Advisor, collaboration in the preparation, implementation, and effective follow-up of meetings, as well as the introduction of best practices for the development of the Board and its members.

Alignment with Management

Introduction of best practices regarding Board and senior management alignment. Facilitation in succession processes and/or changes in the top executive position. Support for the integration of non-family top executives.

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