El aporte de este órgano de gobierno en las organizaciones

Some imagine the Board of Directors as a group of older gentlemen discussing generalities and sipping coffee in a comfortable meeting room. Others believe that the Board is merely a formal entity that neither has nor needs any functionality beyond producing the meeting minutes required by regulations. Many think that the governance work of the Board is an intangible whose contribution to the company’s success is difficult to quantify. Nothing could be further away from the role and potential of the Board than these notions. When there’s a good Board at the helm of a company, its value creation is real and can be clearly perceived.

If we want to delve into the value contributed by a Board of Directors, we must start by identifying its positioning and role within a company’s governance system – in other words, having a clear and precise understanding of what is expected of it as a governance body. Then, we should continue with a deep understanding of its essential functions and the processes that must be in place for an effective performance of its role. Finally, we should undertake its practical implementation by a team of competent Directors. This is something as straightforward and easy to explain as it is challenging to implement, and it is essential and crucial for the future of any company.

This is the core idea driving the authors of “Directorios creando valor”, professors from IAE Business School who lead the PwC Corporate Governance Chair. Their extensive experience with Boards of various types has led them to the conclusion that, in general, important and rapid improvements in the functioning of Boards can be achieved simply by implementing some of the practices mentioned in this book. “Directorios creando valor” explores the foundations, functions, structure, processes, and the development and evolution of the Board over time. It offers insights and tools whose usefulness and efficiency have been proven in many diverse companies around the world.

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