Researcher, Author, Professor, Speaker

Pedro vázquez

Family businesses and organizational governance expert, blending profound knowledge and effective practices within the scope of his academic activity and professional experience.

Pedro possesses profound knowledge about human and organizational behaviour, in combination with business administration and management studies. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Professor’s degree in Psychology (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), a Master in Business Administration from Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany), and a PhD in Management from IAE Business School. 

He also holds certifications demonstrating advanced expertise in project management (PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institute) and organizational coaching (UdeSA, Axialent). He has completed various training programs as well, in Argentina and abroad (UK, Japan, etc.). 

His research activities, involvement in international expert networks, and interactions with program participants enable him to continuously deepen his knowledge in his field of expertise.

During a period of 20 years, Pedro has held executive and leadership roles, occupying positions in senior management and boards of Directors of European and Latin American companies across sectors such as engineering, construction, consulting, and banking. Between 2004 and 2014, he held diverse executive positions within a multinational family group based in Germany. He was in charge of divisions, regional responsibilities, and participated in numerous boards across multiple countries. 

Since 2015, he has been advising family businesses on governance matters and also serves as an advisor and board member. 

His extensive experience in diverse business scenarios allows him to effectively contextualize challenges and select the most relevant set of best practices to achieve successful developments and solutions.

An academic focus enriches theory and practice through rigorous and relevant knowledge exploration and creation, development of conceptual models, identification of best practices, and knowledge dissemination. 

In the academic field, Pedro is an Associate Professor in the Business Policy Area, Director of the Center for Family Businesses, and Director of the Organizational Governance Chair at IAE Business School. He has previously taught and served on the Board of Directors of the College of Business Sciences at the Universidad Austral and was a professor of Labor & Organizational Psychology in the Psychology Career at the College of Biomedical Sciences of the Universidad Austral. 

His study focus lies in the fields of Family Business, Organizational Governance, and Organizational Development, particularly in Latin America and emerging regions. His purpose is to contribute to the development of individuals, families, and companies, thereby enhancing personal, family, organizational, and social well-being. He dedicates himself to blending his managerial and executive experience with academic activities through knowledge creation and dissemination, facilitation of learning, university management, and personal, family, and organizational development. 

His research works have been presented at numerous international conferences and published in highly recognized academic journals. 

He is the author of books and articles published in numerous journalistic outlets. 

Additionally, Pedro has been involved in designing, directing, and teaching numerous programs on family businesses and corporate governance. Annually, he engages with over 400 entrepreneurs from different sectors and regions in these programs. Pedro learns a great deal from interactions with program participants who share their questions, reflections, and experiences.

By combining his knowledge and experiences, Pedro advices entrepreneurial families through their various governance and continuity challenges. He also collaborates with organizations aiming to establish, relaunch, or develop governing bodies such as the Board of Directors. Additionally, he participates as an advisor to boards or board member.


Content Production

Systematic study and original production of academic and professional content.


Presentation of research papers at international conferences.


Participation in academic and professional institutions. Received distinctions.


Design and delivery of training programs for Master's and executive programs.


Collaborations with companies and other organizations.

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